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  1. i checked the schematics for opi 2G, couldn't find any connections there 3g/4g versions are mtk based, their datasheets too mention jtag, but nothing in the schematics. Thought i might be missing something, hence this thread
  2. Its for writing some custom firmware, like say if i want to write a custom driver for the 3g/2g module or write a custom USB/camera/display driver (ofcourse will have its own scheduler and all that OS type stuff for supporting the driver). JTAG would allow firmware/driver debugging. Again, no linux or a similar device framework is involved here., essentially a baremetal framework with OS like low level supporting features. My understanding is that most SoCs have it, only they (manufacturers of SBCs) don't expose it. For e.g. all orangepi h3 boards have it, likewise raspberry pi, cubieboard, udoo, wandboard etc. these boards have functional jtag pins.
  3. No one has any information on this ? Could someone please help ? Could any experts share his/her insights ? Thanks
  4. Hello Friends, Is anyone aware of jtag support on orangepi 2g/3g/4g iot boards. Looking at the schematics, i could find the tms/tdi etc pins (for 2g/3g/4g iot), but they seem to be not connected to any gpio or other headers. Kindly correct me if wrong. I know these have UART, but am specifically looking for some jtag access. Thanks Tarkshya