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  1. Splendid. Please how can I access the template?
  2. Hi @martinayotte, I am considering using this Orange Pi RK3399 for a project. Your feedback on a few issues will be appreciated. Were you able to load armbian and boot from eMMC? Do the onboard sensors Hall, Gyro, Compass etc work with the NanoPC-T4 4.19.y image? How stable is the board? Thanks
  3. Thank you. I have been able to recompile the kernel using sources provided by orangepi-xunlong. I have the camera detected and working now.
  4. Hello @guidol It seems you compiled these with #CONFIG_MEDIA_USB_SUPPORT is not set The uvcvideo drivers are not available in the kernel. I have been trying to compile again using "chroot-nspawn" branch of the armbian repo, whcih still has the csc and modifying the BOOT and KERNEL sources in the source files for RDA8810, to use the sources provided by "orangepi-xunlong" on git hub. However this compilation still fails midway. Is it possible for you to compile this module into your images? Arinze