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  1. No more questions Just fixed BOARD_NAME in /etc/armbian-release, motd now displays correct name. PS. great job guys, userpatches concept is just great. Working firmware for the new board in 2 days - that took me 6 months before with Buildroot.
  2. One more question - how to update the ssh login prompt with new hostname after it is changed?
  3. Ok, original issue is fixed. I had BOARD_NAME instead of BOARD in my userpatches config. Now ./compile docker myconfig works. Thanks a lot, but with the network issue I think I can find a workaround with some little hint from you. Actually, what I'm trying to achieve is customizing image. I copied config/boards/lime2.conf to config/boards/myboard.conf, renamed the BOARD_NAME="MyBoard" to change the default hostname. BOARDFAMILY and BOOTCONFIG are the same as for Lime2, it is the nearest compatible board, original Lime2 build works fine. The desired image should include some pre-installed stuff (Node.js 10x, my app, dependencies), I did it with customize-image.sh. Now setting BOARD=myboard creates the image I need, with the changed hostname and preinstalled software, but the network does not work. Obviously, some patches are BOARD -depended, not the board family. Workaround is leaving BOARD as is, and renaming the host in customize-image.sh script. And here I need a hint - hostnamectl does not work in build time, what is the better approach?
  4. Did not work, sorry. Actually, passing params in command line as ./compile.sh docker BOARD=lime2 BRANCH=current RELEASE=bionic BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no works just fine, but I have another issue. Network is not working for image built this way. Official image downloaded yesterday has version 20.02_Lime2_bionic_current_5.4.20 and it works, this image has version Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Lime2_bionic_current_5.4.20 and it does not work. Checked with serial console, network is dead, dhclient is started, bit there is no IP set. Tried to set up IP manually, but it still does not work though eth0 is up. Looks like a problem with u-boot (probably some networking chip patches are missing), but in both cases u-boot has same major version 19.10. Is there any way to get identical build (same u-boot and kernel) as official one?
  5. No luck. Killed all the containers, removed all images. In the output before the menu pops up I have no such line: Using config file [ /root/armbian/userpatches/config-single.conf ] Docker: version 19.03.6
  6. Hi guys, Is this syntax still valid? Config file is placed in userpatches/config-<conf_name>.conf ./compile.sh docker <conf_name> It still displays the configuration menu for me. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there, after days of researching I have finally found what caused the issue. Checked if STUN is working with my NAT - works fine (stunclient --mode=full stun.stunprotocol.org reports success). Checked if arm7 version of webrtc library is installed ("export TARGET_ARCH=arm" before npm install). Compared the debug output of webtorrent (DEBUG=bittorrent-tracker:client webtorrent) of working and non-working setups. Bingo! WebSocketTracker output was missing on malfunctioning system. After analyzing the source code, realized that the only reason why it may happen is different behavior of API functions. Yes, outdated Node.js. Solution is upgrade to Node.js 10.0+ as shown here: https://joshtronic.com/2018/05/08/how-to-install-nodejs-10-on-ubuntu-1804-lts/ After upgrade i can seed files with streaming webtorrent, works as a charm.
  8. thanks a lot for pointing the right place! Threre are three machines behind the same NAT, running the same (?) webtorrent-cli. 2 of them work fine, one does not. Decided to start with platform specifics. I suspect 2 possible reasons - WebRTC does not work and i dont know how to diagnose it, that's why I'm asking if somewone can cofirm that it's working, or something is blocking peer connections on the OS. Does the OS have SELinux enabled in restriction mode?
  9. Hi everyone, does webtorrent-cli work on A20 boards? Olinuxino Micro specifically. I have installed node, webtorrent-cli, no errors while installing or running, but peers do not get discovered by instant.io. The same example works fine on desktop PC, in a same network. Any idea what is missing, or is it doable at all?
  10. Hi guys, does anyone have an experience with running webtorrent-hybrid or webtorren-cli (https://www.npmjs.com/package/webtorrent-cli) on Olinuxino MICRO or similar? I have installed npm package, started seeding, but instant.io doesn detect my peer. The same example works on desktop without an issue. Can anyone try and confirm if it is working or not on A20 boards?
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