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  1. An option that works but needs to be tested: https://github.com/The-going/armbian-build/tree/packaging I didn't do PR, I want You to look at it.
  2. In the continuation of the conversation: PR #1836
  3. I have a great desire to get this package starting from version 5.4. and so on. I can make corrections for this if YOU give the green light. Most probably ... What are the artefacts left ? symbolic link ? It doesn 't really matter what changes occurred in the target directory after the package was installed. A simple prerm script that simply clears the target directory will solve the problem . To make corrections?
  4. Two questions about this patch. 1 - we add a line to the scripts/package/builddeb file +libc_headers_packagename=linux-libc-dev-"$BRANCH$LOCALVERSION", but we don't actually build this package. That's how it should be, or it's just not finished. 2 - the postinstall script in the linux-headers package performs actions in the installation directory. Therefore, the package cannot be deleted cleanly using the standard 'dpkg -r' method. Perhaps the work is not finished here either. If you need to modify it, I can offer my own version.
  5. I apologize if I seem rude. I use automatic translation. Sometimes the meaning can turn over. And thank you. I started working with github. Now I understand why you don't accept the patches as a patch file
  6. Igor, let's try to open the eyes of users. Please apply these two patches. 0001-Correction-stderror-to-file.patch 0002-Install-to-see-the-status.patch
  7. Thanks. I saw the applied patches for testing. I read your links and realized that it is customary to make changes in a separate branch and then pull request. Of course, first we need to discuss with the community the need to develop new functionality. I will do so in the future. I'm currently laying out a number of patches that I think are the most important. Although it is not a tradition. You can apply them on your own behalf, after testing, if you see them reasonable. I don't claim authorship. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. In fact, I'm good with the Internet and all the necessary repositories are on a nearby SSD. There can be several reasons: - Slow Internet and unwillingness to clean sources every time. - Inattention, forgetfulness, typo. - Ignorance of documentation. In any negative scenario, the source directories must be clean before compiling.
  9. Igor, sorry but the automatic translation does not allow me to understand, you must also send the patches somewhere else? Or is it just enough to put them here? I did not find a description of the patch acceptance procedure in the documentation. I have a lot of fixes. Well tested I want to send for consideration to acceptance.
  10. 0002-Check-that-to-understand-what-it-is-talking.patch
  11. After many inspections, it is possible to fix this problem. 0001-Fix-incomplete-cleaning-of-the-source-code.patch