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  1. I don't care about the space, I was just curious for what such a large "empty partition" is needed... Found this somewhere else from balbes150 (what is a "service part"?):
  2. I'm not confused about that.. ;-) I'm talking about to write back/restore an emmc backup, formerly created with "DD". I personally, had never issues with "dd" restoring a backup, even if I backup only a part of /dev/mmcblk1. (I usually don't include "unallocated space" in my backup). Another question: why is there 700MB unallocated space at the beginning of /dev/mmcblk1. Is that somehow necessary?
  3. What software do you suggest instead of "dd", to write an image back to emmc?
  4. I have the same device and I'm running Armbian (Armbian_5.74_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.20.5_desktop_20190304.img) from emmc without any issues.
  5. Yes I know and thats no big deal, since I`ve already set up the cross-compile environment on my Ubuntu PC, (or even compile the kernel directly on the box which takes only 15-20 minutes). I've compared the .108 and .99 .configs from your images, but they are completely different, so no idea where to start... I also compiled the mainline Kernel (4.18.rc8) from here https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/khilman/linux-amlogic.git/?h=v4.19/integ Boots and works fine so far, but like all mainline Kernel, no HDMI-Out with the S812, thus only useful for server OS.
  6. Hi, eventually received my UART Adapter to determine the reason of the non-booting "3.10.108" Kernels The "3.10.99" and also the "4.17.0-rc3" Kernels are booting fine. The "3.10.108" is always stopping at the same place, independent which dtb.img is used: Here is the full log from the UART Adapter: https://pastebin.com/4vjB4HBD I'm willing to help, if I can. I have access to an Ubuntu 16.04 PC, so I'm able to modify the dtb/dts files as well as the uInitrd (if needed). If absolutely necessary, I could setup a build-environment and try to build a custom kernel...
  7. Hi folks, I'm currently running @150Balbes "Armbian_5.27_S812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.99" on a S812, but with some minor issues. Ethernet only 100Mbits (Realtek 8211F). Kernels newer than 3.10.99 won't boot (but will try to determine why, when I get my UART Adpter.) So after all, I'm thinking to replace this box, with a more current one. Purpose of this box: running an "Emby-Server" with external HDDs and probably "Pi-Hole". Which box is recommendable for these purposes? thanks in advance