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  1. Sorry this is the first time I build image file so I dont know where I should put these parameters? I have built some images for orange pi one+ but it looks like I did something wrong because the output images have the same size (about 1.2Gb) After the building process was completed, I saw something like this command ./ BOARD=orangepioneplus BRANCH=next RELEASE=stretch BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no I have tried to include your parameters by using this ./ BOARD=orangepioneplus BRANCH=next RELEASE=stretch BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no EXPERT="yes" WIREGUARD="yes" But it looks like that is not the correct way!
  2. Thank you so much. It works well on the board. I found the similar errors here. I have removed "Windows Hypervisor Platform" and the Virtual Box is okay now on my computer. I am using Vagrant and try to build. Thank you for your help
  3. Sorry I dont know why VirtualBox hang on my computer. I could not make it run with Ubuntu ISO, getting stuck at installation screen. After that I tried Vagrant but it has similar issues. So I could not build image. Maybe I will try later on the other machine. Could you please upload your image in the download link. I will try your image first.
  4. As the title says, I would like to ask your help if you still keep some old working orange pi one plus image. I have downloaded some images in but none of them work with my boards. I could not SSH to the board or it says `Network error: Connection refused` As far as I know orange pi one plus H6 image OPi One Plus - 5.1.0-sunxi64 works with board. Please share your working image download links. Thank you for your help
  5. I am newbie here. I could not post some errors I found during using Orange Pi 3 in Development forum. How can I post there? Can you give me some instructions?