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  1. I can't boot without HDMI because I don't have the equipment for serial, and I need a monitor to set up wifi for ssh. My ideal use for this system would be headless and administered by ssh and xrdp if necessary. Is there a way to pre-configure wifi so I can boot without the monitor? Keep in mind I'm running Windows so I probably can't mount the file system. I tried both the images on the Orange Pi Zero2 Plus (H5) page as of yesterday, as well as a few of the builds from the nightly folder. Same result with all of them.
  2. Yep, I followed the steps in the getting started guide. SHA256 hashes from 7-zip match those in the text file. I use etcher and pass the verify steps with no problems. I've tried 3 or 4 SD cards, three of them the red/grey Sandisks (and a PNY I had sitting around). I've tried 3 different Canakit 2.5 amp power supplies as well as a few non-Canakit 2 amp supplies. The funny thing is it seems to run the Orangepi provided distros OK, but these are terrible, out of date software that I don't trust not to have Chinese trojans embedded. I cannot run armbianmonitor because on the few occasions I have actually gotten to a prompt, running any command results in a segfault, filesystem error, or just plain lockup, including commands like "ls" and "sudo apt-get update" and "passwd". Usually when I try to book an armbian flashed SD card, I just get a blank screen.
  3. I've had an Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H5 for a few months, and it is driving me crazy. I can easily boot into the useless Android distro included on the eMMC. I can run most of the distros on the OrangePi website, although they seem to all be missing features or not working 100% in one way or another. I would LOVE to run Armbian on this board. Each time I try, I have huge problems. My video signal is often garbled or at best full of artifacts. I get segfaults every few minutes, and it seems like the filesystem is corrupted. I've tried running it with multiple power supplies (I have several Canakit 2.5amp ones), as well as several different genuine (so far as I can tell) Sandisk 8GB SD cards. It seems like there is something wrong with the Armbian images for the Zero Plus2 H5, since I can run the OrangePi distros (with the same cards and power supplies) without these sorts of problems. I keep seeing online people mentioning successfully running Armbian on the boards, so I am very frustrated. Can someone help me troubleshoot the problem?