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  1. Boby

    Armbian and DHCP

    Hello guys! I am sorry for delay! The result of my testLog2ram setting -> same trouble behaviour Update Armbian to get u-boot with a 2018.05 release -> same trouble behaviour. I tested the Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.4.y to switch the kernel and the os.However, my TV hasn't recognized the hdmi data feed out of the box. At this point, i don't know what i could do.... Some ideas ?
  2. Boby

    Armbian and DHCP

    Thanks for the reply. I am not at home now. I have just increase setting on log2ram before my vacation. if my board is down again, at my return, it will be my next try.
  3. Boby

    Armbian and DHCP

    Thanks @guidol. I'am going to test it. @Werner I made the update few day ago without issue ;-) However, my Lime2's behaviour hasn't changed.
  4. Hi guys! I have some trouble with my Lime 2. My original setup: Armbian 5.38 +4.14.18-sunxi software installed: Pihole V3.0 with dnsmasq dhcp enabled. SD : a fresh Samsung Micro SDHC 32GB EVO power-supply : a 5V power-supply adaptor Current behaviour: After [1~4] days the my board disapear of my network. With dnsmasq dhcp server disabled, there are no problème. My guess: their are some troubles between the dhcp and Armbian. Indeed in tried to setup a isc-dhcp-server to remplace the Pihole dhcp without success. (Same behaviour) You could see my search on Pihole forum here After my vacation, i will test the olimex's image with pihole. However this return to Jessi and a 3.4 sunxi kernel, doesn't enjoy me.