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  1. @SteeMan ok what I've done so far; I found mk808bplus userpatch someone made for lakka https://github.com/eloirotava/lakka/blob/Lakka-2.3.2/projects/S805/patches/linux/meson8b_mk808bplus_dtd.patch and put it into userpatch directory compiled as usual but nothing seems to changed what I'm missing?
  2. Ok, here is what I did: from AzuriAdore's repo I cloned armbian custom build exact branch (s8xx) git clone -b s8xx https://github.com/SLAzurin/build-armbian-custom sudo ./compile.sh I selected aml-s812 from the list to obtain his customizations. and waited couple of hours for the script to download necessary files. I found dts files under /cache/sources/linux-aml-current/meson-mx-integration-5.14-20210718/arch/arm/boot/dts folder as mentioned however, looking in configuration files I couldn't find any link to these dts files so I wasn't sure which file to alter. I was lost again, here I am
  3. I've already did that too. Now it seems that dtb.img was unnecessary, editing uEnv did the trick. I got it now. I found my device's correct dtd while searching on the web. I uploaded to my github if anyone would need it. https://github.com/erkutoyus/mk808bplus/blob/main/meson8b_mk808bplus.dtd I wanted to build an armbian image for myself but I couldn't figure it out how to do that. I looked at github in every folder of armbian source code and there is no folder containing dtd's. I couldn't find how to add new board there. If anyone can help me on that, I would highly appreciate it. BR erduk
  4. Hi there, Many thanks for your efforts. I was able to boot your image with my MK808b plus device. I am planning to use it on my 3D printer for Octoprint/Klipper service. However, I'm facing the same issue that I couldn't fix it on previous balbes150 images: onboard wifi device (AP6210) doesn't work. I tried modprobe b43 and b43legacy didn't work out. I used meson8b-ec100.dtb as dtb.img For more information, I can use wifi on a prehistoric (ubuntu-mate-15-04-s805-standard-0_95_Beta.img.xz) image made by anonymous. but that built is way to old and I was not able to upgrade it to bionic to install uptodate python3. Anyway, I hope someone could help me on that. BR erduk
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