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  1. Thanks, I tried some, there is a tutorial, but in mine it did not run KDE Plasma qnd GNome, it requires more Hardware, maybe an installation in NAND but I will not try it.
  2. It worked, thank you very much for the information, I was very lost here. Now everything is going smoothly.
  3. I edited it, removed the # (remember this works in Android build.prop) but it had no effect. Is there an updated video tutorial for these new versions of Armbian?
  4. Thanks for answering! I was reading once, but a lot of new information. Since my native language is different, sometimes my translation is a little wrong. I will read it again as post 1.
  5. Hello everyone! Need help. I flashed the version "Armbian_20.05.5_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.7.0-rc7_desktop_20200529.img" on my SanDisk Ultra 32GB A1 memory card, but for some reason Armbian does not boot. My device is MECOOL KM9, copy all G12.dtb and I changed it to dtb.img and nothing did work.
  6. Forgive me if my English sounds robotic or contains different words from everyday. I'm writing with a translator, I do not have English as a native language.
  7. Just one more question ... Does my Mecool M8S Pro (Aml S912) come standard with a system built on Kernel 3.14.29, is there any chance that my Mecool M8S Pro will start the GUI with an image built on the Kernel 4.xx ? I made some tests, but just managed to run the UI with Kernel 3.14.29 images. I tested some with Kernel 4.18 but it did not start, it kept blinking some info at the moment it should start the GUI.
  8. Hello @Balbes150, I wonder if you are interested in implementing support for the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth chip LTM8830. As I use the system through the Monitor (without audio box) I end up running out of sound. But on the other hand I would like to know if I buy any WIFI and Bluetooth adapter, if they will work just like on the Windows computer or will it need some driver for generic devices?
  9. I have come to a final conclusion! My Mecool M8S Pro (S912), Mecool M8S Pro W (S905W) and M8S Plus W (S905W) devices can only run kernel versions 3.14.29 (5.37 - 5.44). I started the first boot on the M8S Pro and tested the other models. Unfortunately, I was unable to use Wi-Fi on the my M8S Pro, with the Wi-Fi LTM8830 chip. This chip is still not known by many, but the LTM8830 is a wireless LAN SDIO network interface device according to chipset maker Longsys. This module design is based on Qualcomm Atheros chipset QCA9377-3 is a single chip wireless network (WiFi) and Bluetooth, In other words, copy. Recently I found a solution for bluetooth and wi-fi errors on devices with this chip. Who created the fix was the Magendanz of FreakTabs. Errors can be found in ATV builds based on the All in One Shiningworth Firmware. Well, it was easy to fix, but here I have no idea how to do. WiFi Fix for LTM8830. Besides not reproducing the sound through the bluetooth headset, also was not able to play the sound through headphones connected to the AV input. Anyone interested in finding a solution to this I am willing to test, I would like to helper, but I do not understand anything about the development of distros.
  10. I was able to install the stock system with the Amlogic Burn_Card_Maker method. Sempee does it that way and it has worked.
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