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  1. I have a project with "Orange PI PC PLUS" and a Realtek 8153B usb-ethernet adapter. My big problem is that the adapter lights do not come on, even if the rest is working. On windows systems the activity light of the adapter lights up, but in linux no (I tested on armbian 5.60 and ubuntu 18.04). I've successfully installed the linux driver from realtek's website, but the light still does not light up. Module r8152 installed and used for the device.
  2. I would like to disable zram and mount /var/log as tmpfs. In fstab I did not find an entry for /var/log, so I created one with the tmpfs format. Still while giving the command "df" I realized that / var / log is still mounted as zram. What is the way to change or disable zram?
  3. My equipment is an OrangePi PC Plus with ARMBIAN 5.6, packages and system updated. I have seen that the /var/ log directory mounted as zram is reaching its space limit in a few days. To resolve, I edited the /etc/logrotate.d/rsyslog file and put the following: /var/log.hdd/syslog { rotate 1 10M size missingok notifempty delaycompress compress postrotate invoke-rc.d rsyslog rotate> / dev / null endscript } /var/log.hdd/ /var/log.hdd/mail.warn /var/log.hdd/mail.err /var/log.hdd/mail.log /var/log.hdd/daemon.log /var/log.hdd/kern.log /var/log.hdd/auth.log /var/log.hdd/user.log /var/log.hdd/lpr.log /var/log.hdd/cron.log /var/log.hdd/debug /var/log.hdd/messages { rotate 1 size 1M missingok notifempty compress delaycompress sharedscripts postrotate invoke-rc.d rsyslog rotate> / dev / null endscript } First, i manually executed logrotate to test, and nothing happened in /var/log. I tried editing the logrotate file to change the /var/log.hdd directory to /var/log but when the system is restarted, it returns to log.hdd. I want to know how to solve this.
  4. Hello, I am developing a project that will use the ethernet module ENC28J60 on orangepi pc plus, but I do not know how to configure armbian to enable using the module. Searching the internet I just found solutions for raspberry. I have already enabled the spi-spidev option using the armbian-config tool. What should I do now? Thanks.