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  1. Yep, I did. And sure enough, it reports Panfrost. And KODI as well as other programs also report Panfrost. So at this point the only thing I'm unsure about is whether the desktop itself is accelerated or not.
  2. Strange, I fetched the GNOME OS image, figured they all come with GPU accelerated desktops now? Stable branch, daily build with GNOME desktop from yesterday.
  3. A few other issues I encountered when testing on the Pinebook Pro: 1) Natural scrolling setting doesn't work 2) WiFi doesn't come back up after suspend. Restarting network-manager brings it back up. 3) Video out via USB-C doesn't appear to work on any of my docks One other thing I noticed: in settings 'About' panel, under graphics, it doesn't list Mali T-860 (Panfrost) but rather Unknown
  4. Awesome image! I've encountered a really strange issue however - I am unable to change the background or theme in settings. Perhaps other settings are affected too - haven't checked. edit: Ah, perhaps I also ought to specify this is on the GNOME version of the image
  5. Thank you both! This is great. @Igor Yes, suspend is being worked on:
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