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  1. Thank you both! This is great. @Igor Yes, suspend is being worked on:
  2. For reference, just use anarsoul's branch:
  3. Thank you. I'll check back next week - also do let me know if there is some way I could help out.
  4. I am pretty certain its 4.19 (confirmed by user in irc). Anarsoul's git: [edit] I believe that the kernel decides the resolution of the lcd panel based on edid - unlike in bsp - so one image for both new and old Pinebooks.
  5. Anarsoul's Arch image has dvfs, pwm and working wifi. Perhaps, if you've got the time and incentive, check out his git again? But yes, suspend does not work - hibernate does however.
  6. With the new 1080p Pinebooks shipping and 4.20 kernel making the A64 more functional, think we could see an updated mainline build for the new Pinebooks ?
  7. Thanks Igor. Do you get your Pinebook to suspend? my screen flickers when I close the lid or issue suspend command, but the Pinebook doesn't suspend. The wifi disconnects and reconnects straight after.
  8. Igor, the rtl8723cs package:
  9. This is great Igor. I'll test the image tonight or tomorrow morning; I'll also share the image with some users who are capable of constructive feedback.
  10. I see. In either case, I am glad to see you're aware of his work. His Arch image for the Pinebook works quite well and most features you'd want on a laptop work. Also, thank you for updating the BSP image for the Pinebook to 18.04.
  11. I am posting the following in the capacity of an errand boy ;) Anarsoul has done a lot of work on the A64 and has custom patches for the Pine A64, SOPine and the Pinebook that have not found their way into mainline yet (his git: He only does Arch and has no knowledge of Debian/ Ubuntu. I recently asked on Twitter and PINE64 forum which OS users would like to see the Pinebook ship and many users reported Armbian. If anyone would be willing to help incorporate Anarsoul's work into Armbian so that we could have more features working on the aforementioned d