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  1. I have been trying for a while now the edge kernels and I have found that after the HW-mod (above) the network bonding has started to work... not consistently but once setup, the next reboot will actually enable the full network bonding. Currently I'm running 5.15.4, had to rebuild ZFS but that was it. Packages I've upgraded: - linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64/focal 21.11.0-trunk.65 arm64 - linux-headers-edge-rockchip64/focal 21.11.0-trunk.65 arm64 - linux-image-edge-rockchip64/focal 21.11.0-trunk.65 arm64 - Package: zfs-dkms - Version: 2.1.1-0york0~20.04 - Priority: optional - Section: kernel - Source: zfs-linux $ cat /proc/net/bonding/nm-bond0 Ethernet Channel Bonding Driver: v5.15.4-rockchip64 Bonding Mode: transmit load balancing Primary Slave: None Currently Active Slave: eth1 MII Status: up MII Polling Interval (ms): 100 Up Delay (ms): 0 Down Delay (ms): 0 Peer Notification Delay (ms): 0 Slave Interface: eth1 MII Status: up Speed: 1000 Mbps Duplex: full Link Failure Count: 0 Permanent HW addr: 64:62:66:xx:xx:xx Slave queue ID: 0 Slave Interface: eth0 MII Status: up Speed: 1000 Mbps Duplex: full Link Failure Count: 0 Permanent HW addr: 64:62:66:xx:xx:xx Slave queue ID: 0
  2. Hi fri.K, it definitively looks like a driver issue (something goes wrong in rtl8152_post_reset)... I will try to debug further based on your information. I'm also wondering if there's an issue with power consumption when using both NIC (attached the image of my fix for 1Gbps)... cable size (AWG) and length could be an issue? Will try to test also an external USB-RTL8152 dongle to see if the same driver works.
  3. Hi guys, I have been using my Helios64 for more than a year now. I have it connected with the 1Gbps NIC. I have been reading about network bonding and getting both NICs up and running. The main purpose would be to have it running in mode "Adaptive Transmit Load Balancing" (mode 5). First I've discovered the issue with the 2.5Gbps not being able to keep a consistent (and performant) speed. So I've soldered the missing pin from the capacitor to the NIC (more on this later). I've checked the speed and now it is up to specs, getting very close to 1000Mbps (960-980Mbps). But here it comes the problem that I'm facing, if I enable both independently I do not get the 2.5Gbps to even appear all the time... at some point I did get it to work and that is when I performed the test of speed. I'm running current (stable) 5.10.63-rockchip64 #21.08.2 (and I have tried with no more success 5.13.x and 5.14.x) On the logs I find these lines that are a good idea that the 2.5Gbps NIC is having some issues: [50618.607406] usb 2-1.4: reset SuperSpeed Gen 1 USB device number 96 using xhci-hcd [50618.735965] r8152 2-1.4:1.0 eth1: v2.15.0 (2021/04/15) [50618.735975] r8152 2-1.4:1.0 eth1: This product is covered by one or more of the following patents: US6,570,884, US6,115,776, and US6,327,625. [50675.867182] r8152 2-1.4:1.0 eth1: get_registers -19 [50675.867653] r8152 2-1.4:1.0 eth1: Get ether addr fail So: 1.- has someone else seen these issues in the logs? If yes, has anyone been able to find a solution? 2.- the soldering went well, but the cable I used is a very small one, "hook-up calbe 32 AWG" (will try to update with a pic), could it be this the source of trouble? can both NICs run at the same time? (electric constrains, power rails limit, etc). Has anyone else attempted the soldering fix? Anyone can share a picture of their working setup? Thanks! Rob
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