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  1. Hello. I tried Armbian build based on Ubuntu. Feels better than official friendlyelec's builds, interface is much much more responcive, but I have two problems with Armbian: If I start fullscreen video from youtube (checking on this video) it stucks approximately at 2.5 minute. Picture freezes and repeated sound sample, not responding to anything. Tried it on Chromium, on Firefox and even with Smtube, everytime stucks at approximately same place. What is the problem? Video memory leaking and filling all the place? or what? On official builds I didn't have this problem (but there was plenty others). And second problem - Synaptic. Search in Synaptic is dead slow. It takes about 15 minutes ant uses about 16% of CPU according to the Monitor. When searching and after package installation, when returning to the same search list. Strange thing, but on official builds it works as fast as on desktop. Based on same Ubuntu. Do not know, should I create another topic? As I see all about NanoPC-T4 is happening here for now.