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  1. I have a Tronsmart Orion R28 running with the ugoos UT3 image for maybe two years now. I think I switch there to armbian, too, if it works well. With the UT3s. Did you try find out the wifi chip with lspci and modprobe the correct driver?
  2. it worked with your dd command. Now it boots from emmc. Thank You. It seems like I had already emmc as root partition as all my files are still there in the home directory. must have been some strange startup via maskrom->sdcard uboot->emmc. Edit: Or it was the install script, that copied everything... Just found evidence. some files on the sdcard have been modified later.
  3. just tried audio out via hdmi. I can see the level in PulseAudio Volume Meter. But i cant hear anything. on the tv set. my first research showed this: ugoos@ugoos2:~$ dmesg | grep audio [ 1.506931] usbcore: registered new interface driver snd-usb-audio [ 2.751278] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: can't parse 'simple-audio-card,hp-det-gpio' property of node '/soundcard-spdif[0]' [ 2.751285] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: can't parse 'simple-audio-card,mic-det-gpio' property of node '/soundcard-spdif[0]' [ 11.090107] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: can't parse 'simple-audio-card,hp-det-gpio' property of node '/soundcard-hdmi[0]' [ 11.090124] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: can't parse 'simple-audio-card,mic-det-gpio' property of node '/soundcard-hdmi[0]' is this a problem?
  4. after ordering the zhilai from aliexpress yesterday which means waiting for weeks I couldn't resist ordering today the FiiO Taishan D03K which will arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately i still have no luck with the booting from emmc. I wrote the beginning of the mmcblk0 to the mmbblk2 with dd. didn't work. then i wrote rk32loader*.bin to mmcblk2boot0. also without success.
  5. thank you. Thats what I realized a moment ago when i tried to plug in my headphones I want to use the box for making music with zynaddsubfx. The optical spdif port seems to be the right choice. Right now I think of getting the ZHILAI H3. Its a cheap cs4344 based dac and can be powered via usb. If it is too noisy or distorted, I switch to an edirol audio interface.
  6. Do you know which dac is used on the board? And how is the audio quality? Does it make sense to use a (cheap) dac for the optical audio out?
  7. With the mainline image it is the same for me. I will post the dmesg of mainline-dev as soon as i have time. Do you have an idea why the emmc doesnt boot after installing with armbian config? Do I have to restore uboot manually?
  8. it did not find the uuid. i think with just a different enumerator it would work via uuid.
  9. I tested the 4.18.6 image. Unfortunatelly the kernel did not detect mmcblk0 (sdcard) leading to "gave up on waiting for root device". But I could change the root_dev to an usb stick in the config fiiles to boot sucessfully but still without access to the sdcard. The 4.14.68 works. But after installing to eMMC via armbian-config it does not boot without the sdcard.
  10. Im using zynaddsubfx headless on a RK3288 TV-Box. with jackd the audio latency is about 10ms. Before that I used a odroid U3. Because i play piano it eats a lot of cpu when played with many keys and sustain pedal pressed. For monophonic playing it should work with less cpu power. A good choice could be the Odroid C0. Its small but faster the RPi3 and can be battery powered.