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  1. Another quick question: Is there anyway that we can use the second UART port in P9 connector? I know something need to change to generate new dtb file to enable that. Is there any easy way to download or generate this file? Thanks a lot. p.s. digging on the internet and found this: The reason why UART is not enabled: "... because both headers are dedicated to expose general purpose pins and remapping some of them to use the second UART would break existing users." However, after checking t
  2. Hi tkaiser thanks for your reply. I would love to submit the PR however when I checked the config file it labelled as auto-generated file. I am not familiar with this building procedure how I generate this config file.
  3. I am curious why not the cifs support built in release. linux-mvebu64-default.config: CONFIG_CIFS=m linux-mvebu64-dev.config:# CONFIG_CIFS is not set linux-mvebu64-next.config:# CONFIG_CIFS is not set should we have this basic module at lease CONFIG_CIFS=m as in default config?