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  1. Hi, I got the software, but now I got this failure. Any explenation? 2018.12.17-18.txt
  2. Because the box isn't booting anymore. I try to write armbian on emmc and now it will not boot.
  3. Hi, I try to reinstall the original image on my magicsee n4 on emmc. I made a backup of the image via ddbr. Now I try to flash it, but I get this failure:
  4. Will this box be supported in future:
  5. Hi, is there a possibility to get xrdp running and working on armbian? I still got this connection problem.
  6. Is it possible to use xrdp with armbian? I still got connection problems and I don't know why. SSH works fine. BTW.: I made a video about flashing a TV box in German. You can check it here:
  7. Thats the box I bought on Gearbest: I hope that will help you.
  8. Hi, I need some help by choosing the right dtb file. I bought a "MAGICSEE N4 TV Box" and I installed armbian on the micro sd card. I try to boot with it, but the system isn't starting. I can see the boot process, but I never come to the point, where I can write the Username + Password. I think its a problem with the dtb file. There are a lot of files, but I don't find the right one. Do you have any ideas? Regards