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  1. First of all I wanted to thank all those who make this world possible. I'm not an expert in linux / kernel / coding and similar things I have been trying for several days to make tvheadend work in the decoder ferguson ariva 4k combo without any success. I have tried: armbian s905: debian / desktop 5.37 5.44 5.55 5.59 with different dtb.img several made it boot Only in 5.59 with meson-gxbb-nanopi-k2.dtb did the wifi work and none detected the dvbs2: I have also tried without success to add to the dtb the lines related to dvb of the original dtb file of the deco ls / dev / dvb ls: can not access '/ dev / dvb': No such file or directory root @ aml: ~ # lspci | grep Multimedia pcilib: Can not open / proc / bus / pci lspci: Can not find any working access method. root @ aml: ~ # dmesg | grep -i dvb root @ aml: ~ # dmesg | grep -i media [1.419062] media: Linux media interface: v0.10 [3.538397] Synopsys Designware Multimedia Card Interface Driver -libreelec / coreelec: I have tried it with different versions combining with different dtbs. Wi-Fi never worked though if it worked eth. dvbs2 is detected with gxbb-k1-plus.dtb. but it is impossible to tune anything. I am disappointed and I do not know if it will be possible to make it work. Can someone help me? More deco information: s905 1gb / 8gb tuner dvb s-s2 avl2011 dvb t-t2 avl6762 (I only need dvb S s2 working, dvbt isnt important for me) Im looking to upload the original dtb file from deco but i dont see how to do it, so i put on the spoiler the dts content P.s. sorry for my English and if I made some mistake.
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