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  1. The debian distro also doesnt work Is there a method where i can make my own distros to your image? as the problem is most probably related to distros
  2. update: i changed the coreelec DTB imf to the correct one (gxm_q200_3g) booting then stops at (starting unbind framebuffer console ) after that the device reboot and doesnt boot again any ideas ?
  3. 1- i have burnt the SD card , changed the DTB file in the recovery partition only with the correct file for my device (gxm_q200_3g) left every thing else as it is 2- started tv box, insrted SDcard, update , reboot 3- device didnot reboot only shutdown , i started manually 4- the multi boot screen appeared chose coreelec 5- box stuck on logo screen i dont know where i went wrong , i think that the distributions are for 905 amlogic and this box is 905 appreciate your help thx
  4. Dear Mohd , thank you for your support , my device is beelink GT1 ultimate , i got the DTB file from the corelec latest version , i confirmed it is the right one for my device , as i was running coreelc on it , then replaced the dtb file for both systems on SD card and on the recovery partition too , started the device it shows the mutli boot screen but i can only load android , if i tried to boot corelec , it doesnt complete the setup for the remote you are right i have no experience to do it but if you can share a link to learn me i will appreciate it thx
  5. Nice work I tried to do it on s912 device i can see the mutiboot screen, corelec and debian server cannot complete the installation the ir remite stopped working even when i got the remote.confg file from the device itself and replaced it on sd card Please help me where have i went wrong Thx
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