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  1. hello martos, interesting links. Especially that kickstarter campaign, from what I see they need 11k euro more to start implementing h.264 encoding for Allwinner VPUs, Rockstar based android boxes look interesting and cheap, you could get board out of them, they are <15$. Wonder what kind of encoding performance do they have.
  2. Hello, I am looking for a cheap SoC (less than 15$ per SoC) that has the most efficient HW based h.264 encoder. I want to transcode multiple 1080p (6-12 mbps bitrate source) TS streams. I will probably use couple of those SoC's. I was reading about Allwinner V3S (~3$ per CPU) based SoCs but can't find any cheap one for sale based on that chip. Also I don't really know what kind of performance this cheap have for HW h.264 encoding. Anyone have any experience with HW 1080p encoding on SoCs? Any suggestions?
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