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  1. Hi!!!Thank You for the idea!!!Thank You also Igor and others in helping me with my issues.. God bless U!
  2. Hi!!Again!!This is not related to my topic but,,,,, I just wonder how can I make a debian distro in which I have a gui of my want and some commands like windows....I want linux....Just give me some tips...Thank You... **Sorry I am just a 14yrold student.. I am studying linux as a hobby but I would like to know how armbian was created and the necessary things..Please spare me patience and consideration...Thank You!
  3. I won't buy a 2dollar heatsink because of it is very small and the customs tax is higher than the price. The customs here is terrible.
  4. I think I received the answers..Thanks!!!! Hi Igor!! You might be interested in this ....?
  5. Hi!!! I am planning to buy Orange Pi PC but I saw that it has thermal issues because of overclocking/overvolting. My question is, Is armbian able to fix this problem??? ------Sorry...I am new to Single Board Computers----- Another thing, If Armbian isn't helpful about it, Does Orange Pi PC2 differ from it's predecessor??(I mean in thermal issues)... Thanks To You!!