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  1. @sgjavaKnowing the GPIO should work I tried to get the LED flashing. niklas@odroidc2:~/userspaceio/libgpiod/python/src$ python --chip 0 --line 203 Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 17, in <module> import sys, time, gpiod ImportError: No module named 'gpiod' So I think the User Space IO installation is suspicious. I found some errors in the libgpiod Java Install Logs: Any idea were I made a mistake?
  2. @sgjava Okay, so GPIO and I2C are available. Does your User Space IO installation need the SPI device to be enabled? Or should it be possible to just use the GPIO and I2C commands? That would be enough for my use case at the moment. Thanks for your support!
  3. Wow. Thank you for the help! If there is anything I can help with please let me know. Nik
  4. Hi, I´d like to use the GPIO PINs on my Odriod C2 with the mainline kernel 4.18. I tried to install the User Space IO, which seems to be the right tool to help me with the task. Unfortunately I had no luck trying to install it on my own. Hopefully we can install it together and get the GPIOs to do their job. It says "User space devices are exposed through /dev or /sys. Verify the device is showing up prior to trying demo programs." That is what is shown in this directory's: Picture, are devices installed properly or do I have to configure the C2 to start with User Space IO? That happens if I try to run the example code to access the GPIO or the SPI interface: Picture2 Can someone help me with that? Thank you! Nik