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  1. I got it working. I used the wetek play 2 dtb. But to make it work I had to change the uEnv file. I set the wetek play 2 dtb path in uEnv file. Maybe They should add those infos in the first page, cause I got it working editing a file that is not mentioned on the first page.
  2. I used the wetek play 2 dtb. What dtb do you recommend me to use?
  3. I tried to install the new version in my Wetek play 2, but it didnt boot. Is there any secret step to make it work? I installed it in a microsd. Then I copied the wetekplay2 dtb to /boot and rename it. Then I copied the boot.ini into /boot. After that, nothing works. How can I run the new version on wetek play 2?
  4. Does anybody have the dvb driver for wetek play 2 that works for some of armbians images?