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Found 3 results

  1. until
    Didier J. will be leading this meeting and sharing progress on the documentation tasks. Anyone interested in the documentation process and content can join this meeting!
  2. How to I generate `.img` files? When I run `.compile` I end up with `.deb` files. I've been looking through the scripts but there are so many of them and I want to get to how to do this without having to use commands like: find . -name '*.sh' -print0 | xargs -0 grep compile_uboot | less for a long time. Thank you
  3. hi I've been using the flag compile.sh PREFER_DOCKER=no while building in a systemd-nspawn container: Building Armbian using Ubuntu (jammy) in a systemd-nspawn container This time I managed to make a complete successful build with my work arounds for loop devices in systemd nspawn. However, the flag PREFER_DOCKER=no Didn't seem to be documented in the build options https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/ can the documentation be updated to add PREFER_DOCKER=no flag (at least under 'advanced users') ? note that it isn't possible to run docker normally within systemd-nspawn or that it'd require all those workarounds such as patching and using the host docker server which defeats the purpose of using docker. rather systemd-nspawn is the container to at least decouple the build environment from the host os environment (which can be a different linux distribution, I'm doing so from OpenSuse https://www.opensuse.org/), with the unfortunate caveat that loop devices still requires a workaround.
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