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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, in my job they bought a orangepi r1+LTS. i trying install armbian any version (last Debian and Ubuntu) but this don’t work. When boot system nothing happens… the led red still off and port Ethernet freezing(two lights on). Already installed Debian and Ubuntu of the official page orangepi, and system working without problems im using good sd card and official charger of the raspberrypi 4 How to solve this problem? In internet I don’t found much information thank u for read me
  2. Just started with creating custom images for an Orange Pi R1+ LTS board. In my build I'd like to compile some custom C++ applications using CMake, then install them onto the root file system to run on the board. Couldn't find much on this on the docs, though maybe I haven't looked hard enough! A couple of questions: I noticed the customize-image.sh script in the build repository - would amending this script be the intended method for this kind of functionality or is there another, better way? How would I provide CMake the relevant info to compile correctly for the board. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi ! Is there any chance to flash an armbian to the 16MB SPI Flash-Chip? regards, volker.
  4. @Contributor/Maintainer AR-1172 - fix complete 08 May 2022 There is was a bug in the 5.15, 5.16 and 5.17 kernel r8152 driver that affected RTL8153b Gigabit USB Ethernet (LAN0) on the Orange Pi R1plus LTS and other boards. The bug only presents on high load and I can trigger it reliably with bidirectional high load on Orange Pi R1plus LTS. The bug kills the RX interface and it requires power down to reset. I assume that it also affects the Orange Pi R1plus, and there are reports of it affecting NanoPi R2S. I would assume that other boards could be impacted. My proposed fix is to revert the driver back to the version used in 5.10 kernel (and to disable TX offload by default). This driver works reasonably well if TX offload is disabled (but with TX offload enabled, another bug is triggered on load). The reason for this post is to alert other board maintainers and to inquire if you are okay with this proposal. The driver from kernel-5.10 (v2.15.0 (2021/04/15)) can be used with 5.15 and 5.16 with minor tweaks. Edit: While researching options for disabling TX ofload, I found a thread on the forums for Helios that talked about xhci trb quirk in rockchip64-current. I followed it to this commit, https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/8eece74eb581367625e6ebcc12ee5c6f4f44617c The quirk is currently funcional for dwc3 xhci usb on rockchip64 and activated for rk3399. It appears that the quirk may not have been applied to rk3328 in the past, so I tried including it in rk3328.dtsi, and it worked very well with the mainline driver on 5.15, 5.16 and 5.17. This means that it is not necessary to revert the driver to the one in 5.10. I have modified AR-1172 and submitted a PR. PR has been merged and fix will be in the new release.
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