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Found 11 results

  1. I just wanted to report that Armbian Buster image for Orange Pi 2 there SSH does not work. I tried installing it twice and also tried taking all updates. I had no skill to analyze or fix the problem, so just wanted to report it as is in case if it is not known. SSH does work on the Bionic Image for Orange Pi 2.
  2. I have OPI 2 running latest armbian mainline with MQTT broker and home assistant only. And I've started to experience hard freezes that only power re-plug helps :/ At first I thought that only networking was gone, but I've triggered hearbeat on red onboard led and this led is just stopping blinking on freezes. I've even got rid of Network Manager and setup iface in old good way via /etc/networking/interfaces. Then I've connected to serial console, run minicom in screen with logging to file. Just to see if serial console would show some kernel panic or so...but nothing, no output on serial console. Anyone experienced such behaviour? How to debug it? My second sbc - OPI PC - just started doing the same...irregular freezes. Output from armianmonitor: http://ix.io/1hIf
  3. Hello, I noticed that Orange Pi 2 mini has disappeared from supported boards. Is it possible to use image for Orange Pi 2, although the "mini" does not have onboard wifi?
  4. I am using legacy Armbian_5.14_Orangepi2_Ubuntu_xenial_3.4.112.7z and a Logitech C110 and I cannot set some params. However I can set this in my PC under x86_64 3.13.0-91-generic. Below is the output of v4l2-ctl in orangepi2. Any idea? $ v4l2-ctl -l --verbose VIDIOC_QUERYCAP: ok error 22 getting ctrl Brightness error 22 getting ctrl Contrast error 22 getting ctrl Saturation error 22 getting ctrl Hue error 22 getting ctrl White Balance Temperature, Auto error 22 getting ctrl Gamma error 22 getting ctrl Power Line Frequency error 22 getting ctrl White Balance Temperature error 22 getting ctrl Sharpness error 22 getting ctrl Backlight Compensation exposure_auto (menu) : min=0 max=3 default=3 value=3 exposure_absolute (int) : min=2 max=5000 step=1 default=312 value=312 exposure_auto_priority (bool) : default=0 value=1 pan_absolute (int) : min=-72000 max=72000 step=3600 default=0 value=0 tilt_absolute (int) : min=-54000 max=54000 step=3600 default=0 value=0 zoom_absolute (int) : min=1 max=2 step=1 default=1 value=1
  5. I have an orange pi 2e running armbian, after using armbian-config to switch to the mainline kernel, my board wont boot ( no display output ) I tried running armbian with a new image on a SD card but the board wont turn on ( also no display ) any ideas?
  6. Hi, I Installed jessie on Orangepi 2. I installed on emmc memory with documentation and all works fine. I just reboot may orangepi with root login and good password. The OS wan't give me a prompt, I just have: "Linux orangepipcplus 3.4.113-sun8i #18 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 15 02:16:06 CEST 2017 armv71" ... and no prompt, I wait, and I wait, but no prompt. I can switch to another another console with ALT+F2 (F3,F4..), but if i want to log on it I have the same issue: no prompt I can ping IP address of orangepi, but I have no answer of ssh server, I can't connect to this. Do you have any idea about this ? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to set up my Orange PI 2 with very specific resolution. I tried a lot of advices from this forum but still can't force it to work. I've used jernej's U-Boot to see correct parameters for monitor and then recompiled kernel with these params. There is U-Boot output: hdmi_core.c line: {MODE_XXX, 0, 297000000, 0, 2160, 1200, 2266, 46, 40, 20, 1464, 234, 28, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0} hdmi_bsp_sun8iw7.c line: {YYY, 1, 0, 0, 8, 2, 4, 0, 28, 0, 0, 112, 106, 40, 20, 176, 264, 1, 1} script.bin setting: pll_video = 297 My monitor is connected by HDMI cable, I set my mode using "h3disp -m" command and also I tried different params in "[hdmi_para]" section in script.bin, no result. the best result I have now is that I see the image only while U-Boot is working and then blank screen. Also I've tried Odroid-C2(boot.ini custombuilt resolution) and Odroid-XU4(Xrandr custom resolution) no result, only blank screen. There is my kern.log:
  8. hi Both the last img based on ubuntu for orangepi 2 and orange pi plus E doesnot run. LED doesnot light. Normaly i used old armbian img based on jessie 5.25 ( plus E ) nad 5.05 ( orangepi 2 ). It works. I download the new ones but nothing happend - black screen only...
  9. Hello. I failed to switch from legacy to mainline kernel on my OPi 2 mini (it's an OPi 2 without onboard wifi). I installed the packages: linux-image-dev-sun8i linux-headers-dev-sun8i linux-firmware-image-dev-sun8i and rebooted, but the system hangs at "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel." (from serial console), green led solid on and ethernet port leds both solid on, no output on HDMI. Then I found this thread and tried to set the clock, but boot fails the same. Now i deleted /boot/.next and relinked zImage to the old kernel, the system booted fine. Please, someone could tell me if I have done something wrong? Many thanks. Christian
  10. Hello, I have Debian 8 with XFCE Desktop installed on my Orange Pi 2. I downloaded the OS image from the orangepi.org a while ago and everything works OK except the WiFi. Does Armbian support the onboard WiFi of the OP2 ? If yes then I will change the OS today Thank you
  11. Hi, It is nice to join in and be part of a such fast growing UOS. I would like get some advice and solve the following scenarios: * Internet Sharing with one Client only, no 'switch' needed, this has been accomplished with the instructions in https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Internet_sharing, so all the iptables rules and NAT is done with success. I am able to navigate the internet from OPI-PC. * which armbian version for the smallest server to run on OPI PC, that will provide some web services. * Need to be able to access OPI-PC from the external world (from PC-3), this is what i am struggling to get it right. Say i want to connect to OPI PC from a browser: http://200.xxx.xxx.xxx . Things to be noted: * don't worry about the router, this has been done also, * please, don't try to solve the puzzle changing the topology (drawing below), i know the way you would possibly use OPI2 Plus would be the other way around, use it as a Wifi AP and connect the eth0 to Internet, but this topology is so to solve a specific problem, * the NAT rules must not interfere with the currently running rules, * must find OPI PC in all ranges (from internal 192.168.xxx.xxx and from internet) * wlan0 is using DHCP, need a way (or script) to find the acquired IP, and it may change very often. This is being challenging to get the rules to work since all possible samples i find is using a static IP, if the rule must have the IP i need a way to get it (whenever it changes), * will use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for personal reasons, but i think iptables is Distro agnostic, * i will share all the results in case others want to learn from this, * i don't use FW, only iptables. * be kind, i am not very keen on this iptables stuff, In summary i have internet sharing from the OPI-PC but can not access it from outside. Here is a drawing of the complete topology: +---------> eth0 PC-3 | v Internet (public IP) ^ | | v IP: 200.xxx.xxx.xxx [ Orange PI 2 Plus ] [ router ] <-------> wlan0 (DHCP: ^ eth0 (static IP) <----------> eth0 [ Orange Pi PC ] (small server serv.) | (static IP: | | | +-------> eth0 PC-2 (IP: I would appreciate if you could help. @lex Ps: Focus on OPI2 Plus, don't care about the internet sharing.
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