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Found 5 results

  1. I recently bought a couple of A64-LTS boards from the Pine Store, but I couldn't get the official Armbian images to boot on them. https://www.armbian.com/pine64/ I could, however, get Manjaro to boot on them, and when I created an SD card with U-Boot from the Manjaro SD card, and the partition from the Armbian (Bullseye CLI) image, it booted into Armbian. I noticed, though, that Manjaro distinguishes between the Pine A64(+) and the Pine A64-LTS. Tow-boot also makes the same distinction. So I wondered if maybe Armbian wasn't booting on my A64-LTS boards because it wasn't making that distinction, but it should be. (I also noticed that the headphone jack and ethernet port aren't working properly on Armbian, though they do work on Manjaro, but perhaps it's best to focus first on getting an official Armbian image to boot on the A64-LTS.) Here's the output of `armbianmonitor -U`: http://paste.debian.net/1266079
  2. By following the instruction how to enable ili9486 on orange pi, I have tried to do that with pine64. So, I installed armbian focal 22.10 with 5.15 kernel, enabled spidev and overlayed dts with tft installation and initialization. But still have a white display. Also I was trying another way to use/edit fbtft, the same issue. `dmesg` shows that spi driver no compatible with ili9486
  3. Hello, I'd have a question, please. My goal is to setup the VNC server on Pine64 board to be able to connect to it remotely via RealVNC. Steps already done: (1) Armbian_22.11.1_Pine64_jammy_current_5.15.80_xfce_desktop.img.xz burn on 32GB micro sdcard (2) Armbian works well, it auto starts to nice grafic enviroment XFACE (3) I am able to connect to Pine64 remotely via Putty and SSH (4) I have followed this cookbook (#1) to install the x11vnc which works well when starting manually from command line (#2) #1:https://forum.armbian.com/topic/10330-remote-desktop-with-x11vnc/ #2 /usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /home/bdn/.vnc/passwd -shared -ultrafilexfer -bg -o /var/log/x11vnc.log (5) now I need to adjust the script "x11vnc.service" to run the x11vnc at startup. There (#1) is remark "I use lightdm as display manager. If you use another display manager, change the line "After=lightdm.service" with your display manager." So the question is how shall I change this line in my case if I use XFACE? Thank you. After=lightdm.service
  4. Hi, i'm new with linux and SBC. My final goal is to use the board as a voice command recognition system (without display) and to be honest i do not know how to start. I downloaded Armbian desktop on microSD using balenaEtcher and I inserted it in the board e powered it! i do not have a display unfortunatly and i do not know if desktop version is the best choice or i have to install an embedded version if exists. Could help please? thanks
  5. I've been having a recent issue over the last couple months where my ArmbianEvn.txt file is being overwritten thus causing Helios to hang in the boot process. Using some samples i've found on these forums, I was able to re-create my file and get the Helios back up and running and have since stored a copy so that when it happens, I can just copy and paste and back up running in no time. To date, i've had this happen to me 4 times. I'm not worried about having go through this at this point in time, but I was curious if anyone else has seen this issue or not? I've saved a couple samples of what was written into the ArmbianEnv.txt file: /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log { rotate 12 weekly compress missi /var/log/alternatives.log { monthly rotate 12 compress delaycompress missingok notifempty create 644 root root } I'm running Buster 5.10.21. I have 5-14TB EXOS drives in Raid 6 and have OMV as the only thing installed.
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