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Found 5 results

  1. I am unable to see how to setup the Pimoroni NVME base for the Raspberry PI 5 with Armbian 23.11.3. Are there published instructions? Is this supported?
  2. Raspberry OS has weird quirks that automate the process of setting up the system for using cameras, but I'm looking for clean way to set up the device tree to use the imx219 camera. Anyone knows what overlays to enable to get this to work on Armbian? Additionally where's the location of device tree overlays sources for Raspberry Pi 5 on Armbian?
  3. I installed Armbian from Armbian_23.11.3_Rpi5b_jammy_current_6.1.68_cinnamon_desktop.img.xz downloaded today (February 11th 24) After installation, I performed an upgrade/update. I have not yet installed any additional software. Issues; 1) when cinnamon desktop starts there is message displayed: Your system is currently running without video hardware acceleration 2) vgencmd always gives an error: VCHI initialization failed, no matter if I run it with sudo or not, or with which parameter(s) I run it. armbian monitor -u gave link https://paste.armbian.com/lurunopoyo
  4. Hi, where can I find kernel headers for RPi5 jammy? linux-headers-6.1.68.current-bcm2712 ? This version of Armbian is really usefull because it is the only one that can run a version of ROS natively on a RPi5, but I need the headers to build drivers Thanks
  5. I'm trying to setup k3s on a raspberry pi 5, and I can't seem to get the cgroup enabled on the kernel. I edited the /boot/armbianEnv.txt file adding: extraargs=cgroup_memory=1 cgroup_enable=memory and when i cat /proc/cmdline or /proc/cgroup it doesn't seem to be enabled and I don't see the edits from the env file. Can anyone help? For context I'm trying to get k3s up and running on the a few raspberry pi 4s as nodes and a five as the master to the issues is currently on the 5. I'll be verifying I get the same results on the 4s tonight. Read through a bunch of posts but haven't found anything suggesting something other than editing that file for armbian. Config on rapsbian was in the /boot/cmdline file, and that worked fine on the same hardware.
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