Beelink X2 Boot Problem

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I use a Beelink X2 Android TV box with Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.19.y Image on a SD Card.


If I plug in my SD Card and then the power supply, the LED is purple and after some seconds blue. No picture over hdmi but the num-lock on the keyboard works.

The box also don't get an IP over DHCP. No matter how long (1h+) I wait, nothing happens...


When I plug in the power supply without the SD Card, the LED is red. The normal standby mode of the box. I can now plug in the SD Card and then power the system on.

The LED switches to purple and after sone seconds to blue and Armbian is running fine, no problems. If the system reboots it will run into the boot problem described above.

Armbian is great but as long as I can't find a solution it sucks to plug out/in the SD Card all the time the system starts...


Tryed different SD-Cards,  Etcher and Rufus, other power supply - allways the same problem. The Image SHA256 hash is ok.

I wanna boot direct from the SD Card and leave the android on the onboard emmc as it is.


I hope someone can give me some hints, but be kind - I have only some basic knowledge of linux. ^^



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WTF, found the problem.

I used my TV with hdmi and run into the boot problem, with my old pc monitor it works. Very strange...



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