AmiLogic S912 automation server

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Settled here on using the AmiLogic S912 for my KODI boxes replacing the current Aopen Digital Engines. 


Purchased another AmiLogic S912 here to be utilized as a headless automation server running:


1 - Mono

2 - Homeseer 3

3 - Home Assistant - docker

4 - Node Red

5 - MQTT (and be a Mosquitto Server).




Note mini automation server started with an RPi (years ago), MiniCube (dual AMD) then a Pine64 (currently running with Armbian).  Moving this one to the Leviton Media panel.


Looking to modify hardware a bit adding a RTC with battery.  I have modded a few non RTC tabletop tablets and OpenWRT routers with RTC and used a bit of bit banging and these are working fine today.


Has anyone modded a TV box yet with an RTC?

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