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Rock64 -- install lvm2->bootloop...

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Hi all!

I'm having strange issue with Rock64.

I downloaded latest Armbian 5.88 with 4.4.180 kernel.


Installation and boot are ok, but when I try to do

apt-get install lvm2

Package installs, configures and...


update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.4.180-rockchip64

update-initramfs: Converting to u-boot format


Then I do

root@rock64:~# sudo reboot


And I'm getting a boot loop... Same effect, if I move system to SSD. At first I thought it was issue with ssd transferred system... But it clearly reproduced on freshly written with uSD only boot.


I've dumped armbianmonitor output (just in case) on freshly flashed OS.

MicroSD is old 2GB one (I'm planning to use SSD drive and use uSD only for boot). But same effect on other cards.


Another one issue (which I probably can live with, but you may find this interesting).

I install hostapd-rt along with using rtl8188eu dongle. Hostapd starts, but here are two points:


Everything works with android

It fails to authenticate with MacOS...


But weirdest thing here - when I stop hostapd with systemctl, then start - it shows "Oops, SMP error" and reboots. 


Still not sure about revision (not v3 definately :)


Thanks in advance for looking into it.



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Update...  It was guilty USB3 hub.


I'm willing to have more than one USB3 port on rock64, but look... 

Hub works fine on standart PC, but adding it to Rock64 gives this weird effect.


Can anyone confirm, that USB3 HUB is not recommended to use for connecting boot USB3 SSD ?


It's not a question of power - I'm using good PSU. And drive is SSD (consumes not too much).


Thanks in advance.

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Yet another answer to myself.


According to this (valued opinion of @tkaiser) - USB3@ARM SBC + USB3 Hub is totally bad idea: https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php/Thread/24145-OMV-rock64-problem-with-USB-Hub/


Still yet another problem with USB2. 

Both ports works ok with directly connected devices. Attaching usb2 hub to lower USB - still ok. To upper USB - gives a lot of errors in dmesg with periodic device reset.


Actually attaching usb voltmeter to hub showed BIG undervoltage (4.4v). Powering USB hub partially resolves situation, but still errors if using upper port.

Older usb hubs (let's say before-AliExpress-era) work slightly better. 


In my opinion, it's not a problem of kernel, but hardware itself.  


Situation is much more clear now. I need to connect 2 HDD drives (one for system + one for data). Time to give up SSD idea, since my box  ( 8882:009d http://en.sharkoon.com/product/1686/10066) does not pass "TRIM" command, which is probably vital for SSD.


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