[SOLVED] CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX no longer enabled in current rockpro64 kernels

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Unfortunately I'm not yet allowed to post in the development area.


I'm using a rockpro64 with armbian quite successfully, Beside other stuff it has two DVB-C USB sticks connected.


But I can only run the kernel


dpkg -l | grep linux-image
hi  linux-image-rockchip64              5.75                               arm64        Linux kernel, version 4.4.174-rockchip64


since further 4.4 kernel (e.g the latest one linux-image-rockchip64_5.90_arm64 (4.4.182) does not have the CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX set to m as before.


What are actually the plans in this regard. Is there some good reason that is was disabled, or did no body speak up as of now.


Kind Regards


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