How to enable Wireguard on a Cubietruck

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Hello Community,

I managed to dig the version number of Armbian which includes Wireguard.

Just in case anybody else with Cubietruck also wants to playing around with Wireguard.


Here come the information


"Debian Buster with Armbian Linux 4.19.57-sunxi


$ apt search wireguard
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
wireguard/unstable 0.0.20190702-1 all
fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (metapackage)

wireguard-dkms/unstable 0.0.20190702-1 all
fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (DKMS version)

wireguard-tools/unstable,now 0.0.20190702-1 armhf [installed]
fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (userland utilities)

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