H3 (NanoPi NEO Core) on Kernel 4.x audio click/pop, DAPM? How disable it?

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I have two nano Pi Neo Core boards and one Nano Pi Neo Core 2 Board. On all boards there is a glitch. When I play the audio file at the beginning and at the end, I hear a click. I think it's because of the DAC's on / off switch. Also, at the beginning of playback, the initial sound is lost for about one second.

I did

echo -1 > /sys/devices/platform/soc/1c22c00.codec/cdc/pmdown_time

The initial and final pulses (clicks) disappeared.
But there are still small impulses at the beginning and at the end of the playback.
There are also small pulses between file playback.
For example: aplay file1.wav file2.wav


How disable it?


On Kernel 3.x sound was perfect.

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