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I'm trying to create a DT overlay for my Cubietruck running 4.19.62 and I've placed it in /boot/overlay-user and changed the user_overlays entry in boot.scr to load it.  It is being loaded but I'm getting FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND when trying to apply it.


The overlay is meant to change the label and default-trigger entries for the four LEDs in the leds node.  I'm using dtc 4.1.4 and it does compile this overlay.


Can anybody tell me how I can change this overlay so it will work ?  Or perhaps tell me if this is not possible.


/ {
    compatible = "allwinner,sun7i-a20";

    fragment@0 {
        target = <&leds>;
        __overlay__ {
            blue {
                label = "blue";
                linux,default-trigger = "heartbeat";

            orange {
                label = "orange";
                linux,default-trigger = "cpu0";

            white {
                label = "white";
                linux,default-trigger = "cpu1";

            green {
                label = "green";
                linux,default-trigger = "mmc0";



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