Orange Pi Zero TV Out in pre-built images

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Hi! New to the forums, this is my first post. :)


I've been trying out some of the pre-built Armbian images on my Orange Pi Zero to get a taste for the OS and it's perfect for my purposes, however I've noticed something odd about the current mainline images that's possibly a small oversight. I browsed the forums before posting and noticed that TV Out functionality has been disabled by default on H3-based boards due to an interference with HDMI output on mainline, which is naturally understandable. There's only one small problem - the same patch has been applied to H2+ boards which lack an HDMI Out altogether. I've explored the image currently provided (the latest Buster/mainline download) and noticed that it too is set to output to HDMI which isn't on the board and isn't supported by the SoC. As such, the board can only operate as headless when those pre-built images are used, which is naturally less than ideal. There *was* a patch available that solved this issue on mainline, however it's rather old, no longer maintained and doesn't work on the latest builds. I'm currently compiling my own image based on the legacy kernel which apparently still supports TV Out by default, but I wanted to ask if it'd be possible for me to adjust the configuration of the current images to simply enable it on what's readily available. I did check /boot/ in search of Script.bin, but the file was not available and armbianEnv.txt doesn't seem to give me the option to change modes, and even if it did, it probably wouldn't change things if the output is disabled altogether. Do you have any advice? I'd very much like to use the latest kernel rather than the legacy one, if possible.

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Hi everyone and Foxi4,


I have been searching on the web the same that Foxi4 have posted, and I couldn't find any way for get Orange Pi Zero working with the TV output enabled.


Have you/anybody find any solution since your last post?


Can anyone help us?






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