Orange pi one, node-red dht22 sensor

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Hi all,


First of all sorry if i posted in the wrong directory


I'm currently facing some issues with my orange pi one and in particular with node red and my dht22 temperature and humidity sensor


i installed the stable buster version on my sd card this works perfectly and after that i installed node-red on it.

in node red I installed the dht sensor pallet and added it to my flow


but here is were the issues are starting, i need to select which pin it is connected to and what gpio i use. i can only select bcm gpio, rev1, rev2 or wiringpi 1 or 2 and then which pin it is connected to.


i have the sensor connected to pin 3 on the orange pi one according to the gpio


but i read somewhere that the rev2 and rev1 raspberry pi pinout are 180 degrees turned so i also picked pin 38.


none of these options seem to work

can someone please help me


kind regards



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