Using backports with armbian build system

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I bought this relatively new WiFi card from sinovoip based on the MT7615. http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-mt7615-802-11-ac-wifi-4x4-dual-band-pcie-module-mass-production-version/10037
The kernel drivers for this are already in mainline linux (starting from 5.3 I think).  I'm trying to use it on the clearfogpro though, which only runs up to kernel 4.19 right now (tried compiling 5.3 but it fails). So I wanted to backport the driver to 4.19. Unfortunately multiple things changed and trying to get the driver to compile broke lots of other stuff.


So I came around to backports https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page their documentation isn't really great for starters so I am unsure how to use this with Armbian.


Has anyone used backports with armbian build system and might give me some pointers? Or is there a better way to get the driver working? Or has it even been done somewhere and I just don't find it?






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