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HI all, having finally got my Nanopi m4 v2s setup as I want them ( bionic ) and pretty stable too. I would like to setup a nightly backup , I have Postgres installed so would want that data backed up to . Do any of you have any suggestions as to the best way / strategy to do this ? I have external SSD' and USB drives available

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Is this still an issue?


A nice way to backup DB's these days is to use either LVM or BTRFS snapshots for crash-consistent backups.  Each of them is done differently, but they give you point in time recovery.  The right way to get clean backups of Postgres is to dump the data out and put that somewhere safe.


It's been a long time since I've used LVM for this, so I'm not going to recommend anything there.


For BTRFS snapshots, you can use snapper for local backups or btrfs-sxbackup for local and/or remote backups.  The advantage of btrfs-sxbackup here is that it will do filesystem level incremental backups which is faster than checking and copying files.


For the PG backups there's a tool to automate it for you: autopostgresqlbackup.  Remember you will still need to get those backups off the system.

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