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Would a vastly reduced "build all" time aid the project?

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As many of you know, lots of git repositories are automatically built every time there's a pull request, letting the project community know if that commit will introduce a flaw of some kind.  


If it's a help to Armbian, I'd like to configure a cloud-based build system that should be able to cut the "build all" time down to about 10% of what it is, and possibly to a number lower than that.  Here's what I'd do.  I'll use Google cloud's preemptible servers to spawn say 30 machines with the trigger being a pull request.  If any of these macines dies during the build, it'll come back red.  and otherwise, it will come back green and upload all of the binaries to google cloud storage.  It won't cost much and would be my way of tossing something into this awesome project.  I'd estimate this would take between a week and a month to set up, since I will have to figure out how to feed the jobs to the machines.  Despite this, it's highly doable and I've worked out a few different ways that it could be done. 


If you let me know that this would help, I'll begin on it this weekend and describe the way that I'm doing it.  If it doesn't help, please let me know that, and I'll try to come up with a new way of helping out.  

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