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[PATCH] Small bug in Logging

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I noticed that "install.log" was missing the beginning of the process, it starts at building the .deb for u-boot.

There is one ">" missing in common.sh:

diff --git a/common.sh b/common.sh
index 503a3ab..920ba38 100644
--- a/common.sh
+++ b/common.sh
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ compile_uboot (){
        cd $DEST/debs
        display_alert "Target directory" "$DEST/debs/" "info"
        display_alert "Building deb" "$uboot_name.deb" "info"
-       dpkg -b $uboot_name > $DEST/debug/install.log 2>&1
+       dpkg -b $uboot_name >> $DEST/debug/install.log 2>&1
        rm -rf $uboot_name
        FILESIZE=$(wc -c $DEST/debs/$uboot_name.deb | cut -f 1 -d ' ')

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