Building Focal Minimal Server without Debian packages

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I am running the latest Build "Kagu".

I have learned about Clean Levels. I am new to all of this.

So I was not cleaning anything. I wanted to build the kernel locally after config.

I noticed another thread about not seeing the menuconfig during the build

even though it was requested. After hand deleting the target linux image deb,

then menuconfig was invoked properly.  I mention this to indicate that I dont

really have control over this "cleaning" yet but I am getting there.

I really dont want to clean too much but I have started over with a good cleaning.


To simplify things I want to focus on the Minimal Server without Debian packages.

I think there is a bug in main.sh line 344

[[ $BUILD_MINIMAL == yes ]] && EXTERNAL=no

I think if I have BUILD_MINIMAL then I can get no EXTERNAL_NEW

which I want. Otherwise I will get EXTERNAL_NEW since the options are

really local or remote but I want EXTERNAL_NEW=no

but you are setting EXTERNAL=no

a search shows this is an unused variable.

so I changed it to EXTERNAL_NEW=no

otherwise I suppose the config I can ignore the options and set EXTERNAL_NEW to "no" there.

All this takes some time. I could check that but I have started over so it will be awhile LOL.

 I think I will be familiar with the process soon enough.

Thanks, for endurance



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I am building Buster Minimal Server to "start over from the top"

and to have something to compare with Focal Minimal Server.

I like trying to master the Minimal build process.
It is easier to do these Buster/Focal comparisons as well.

I am just working with NanoPC-T4 in both circumstances

we'll see how it goes.


Fun analyzing such a different process.

Testing my ability to extend my understanding of Bash / Linux


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