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eth0 network down all of a sudden, update?


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my S912 box was untouched for the past few weeks, I tried to connect to it and couldn't I tried direct access and turns out my eth0 (wired lan) is still detected but marked as down

the green/yellow light on the box and on the router is not blinking for it.


nothing changed in my setup, maybe a armbian update was done recently? my uptime is 7 days but I am not sure I recall restarting 7 days ago..


ifup eth0 image attached


what can I check or do to revive it? any help appreciated as the box is currently offline and useless


armbian 20.04 on a beelink GT1 TV box using a fast SD card



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Hi @moshem, I think something changed in the latest kernel. Mine was working fine a while ago with meson-gxm-q200.dtb. Then it got unstable and I even tried building my own images with no luck. I read somewhere that there is a timing change which was affecting some boards. This I believe introduced this instability.


Some observations:

1) Sometimes eth0 would come up, work for a short while and then stop. Not even rebooting works and it remains hard down

2) I can see on my router that auto negotiation  goes for 1Gbps, but my board is only 100Mbps. Did not find a place where I could change it

3) I noticed some changes in the dtb files over the last couple of images. I tried using the old dtbs which were more stable but no luck


Semi work around I found today was using the meson-gxm-mecool-kiii-pro.dtb. It still negotiates at 1Gbps and network performance is poor but at least it comes up.


If you can try Balbes150's latest GPU test image and see if any of the DTB files works for you.  I think there are a few new dtb files in this image, not sure.



Hope you find something that works and look forward to hearing your findings.


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in my case after many hours of hairpolling, I rebooted the box once more, loaded it with android (original firmware on the emmc) and saw that the ethernet functions well.

I then restarted and boot armbian and to my suprise, it resumed working, puzzling indeed...

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