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UDOO Quad - Armbian Buster 5.8.y - Analog Audio VT1613 - Not available


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I deployed the latest image "Armbian Buster mainline based kernel 5.8.y" and after initial setup, I cannot activate the analog sound card.


What I did:

The "Hardware" section in "Settings" section of armbian-config was missing, so I installed the following packages: "linux-dtb-current-sunxi/buster 20.11.0-trunk.28 armhf Linux DTB, version 5.9.5-sunxi, linux-dtb-dev-sunxi/buster 20.11.0-trunk.28 armhf Linux DTB, version 5.10.0-rc2-sunxi"

and after that changed: /boot/armbianEnv.txt by adding overlay_prefix: "sun8i-h3". This was the only way I could make armbian-config to correctly display the "Hardware" device tree. I tried to put: imx6q, imx6q-quad, imx6q-quad-hdmi (also copied all imx6q-udoo.dtb) to /boot/dtb, since after installinx *sunxi packages, the sunxi became the default dtb folder. The only way to make it properly display the HW menu was with "sun8i-h3".


With "imx6q-udoo" it displayed this error: "Loading error: expected at least 6 tokens for --checklist, have 4. use --help to list options. submodule ..."


I tried to enable "analog audio" with "sun8i-h3" (since only with this option I could properly see the Hardware section) but of course it didn't worked, and this is normal since there are different boards with different Device Tree Overlays.


The question is what should I do, in order to have the properly DT for my board (Udoo Quad)?


I decompiled the DTB file but I didn't see any VT1613 or analog audio in there...


Please help me with some clues.


Thanks a lot!


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