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Issue when "Using kernel config provided by user" in fully automated build


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As per documentation, I'm providing a custom kernel config, and I do get the message during my build:


[ o.k. ] Using kernel config provided by user [ userpatches/linux-sunxi64-current.config ]

which is great!


The problem I face is that although the message is shown, the config that takes place seems to be something different, as can be checked when booting the image and looking up the config file in /boot/config-5.9.8-sunxi64


Digging a little bit in compilation.sh, I can see that


cp .config "${DEST}/config/${LINUXCONFIG}.config"


will only be run if KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes


As I want a fully automated image build, I have set in my config-default.conf:





How can I run then an automated (no human intervention) build with a custom kernel config? Am I missing something here or is it currently not possible?


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