Data CD Burning Issue


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I’m running Armbian 20.11 on a RockPro64. I have a Dell DW316 CD/DVD drive and would like to use it to burn data CDs, however so far I have not been able to get it to work.


I have tried to burn using Brasero, KD3 and others but no luck. The Brasero log mentioned something about ‘adapter’ error but have tried a different USB cable. I was having an issue with ejecting media in the GUI with Armbian but managed to fix that but makes no difference for this (


The Drive makes a whirling noise for a few seconds then stops and does that repeatedly until disconnected. Sometimes it will recognise CDs eventually and sometimes not. I note that the USB3.0 sockets on the Rock64 and RockPro64 have never worked with Armbian… could it be a power issue?


The drive works with Brasero on a RaspberryPi2b running Ubuntu Mate so don’t think it is a hardware issue.



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