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Rock PI 4C no reboot/restart




hopefully my english and my linux skills are good enough (little bit experience with raspi and odroid 

i´ve setup Rock Pi 4 C with nvme boot from spi (first mmc)

Armbian 21.02.3 Buster with Linux 5.10.21-rockchip64

after some difficulties to setup boot from nvme it is running on ADATA SX6000PNP 

when i perform reboot - mostly no reboot

after disconnect power and reconnect no boot until i wait > 1 minute

during the day i try sudo armbianmonitor - u and i get a link now when i use this command there is no more link

serial console - i get no output but i can log in after a while




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after new install Armbian 21.02.3 Focal with Linux 5.10.21-rockchip64

the same behaviour - reboot works from mmc but not reliable from nvme

serial monitor - garbage during booting - after boot and a few keyboard hits - login appears an i can login

shutdown process display clearly - then garbage again looks like changing of baud rate during boot process - used default 1500000


armbian monitor now works - http://ix.io/2W4u




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I noticed that if you reboot after an update there is nother kernel and there is another file set. So the boot doesn't perform. If you make an upgrade without the kernel upgrade the SBC reboots. I have to investigate. Did you find the way to perform a kernel upgrade?

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