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  1. Ah, thanks friends. I hope that a coder would investigate and try to build this patch in Armbian. I cannot do that, I am not a coder.
  2. Hi. I am going to be crazy with this bad SBC (it is not the RsbPi killer!!). Armbian recognize Bluetooth and the PCIe M.2 drive but not the mDP, that I want because the HDMI one is not well soldered. I need the NVME disk too. But I am writing because in the Radxa forum they said that there is a patch to solve this mDP issue. They told me that it is simple to solve!!! But I did not understand what I can do with these codes. I send the link that they gave to me. Thanks for the help. Patch_github
  3. I noticed that if you reboot after an update there is nother kernel and there is another file set. So the boot doesn't perform. If you make an upgrade without the kernel upgrade the SBC reboots. I have to investigate. Did you find the way to perform a kernel upgrade?
  4. Hello. Sorry. It was not a bug reporting. It was only a 3399 talking. I don't know where I should transfert the topic. And I cannot do that. Please, could you move the topic where you consider the right place to? Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have a new Rockpi 4C. I am caming out crazy because I cannot understand some hardware issues. If I use the 5.10 kernel all hardware is working less the GPU. The images are bad and the lines swing everywhere. But the CPU is pretty cool and sometimes the heat-sink became hot, but not forever. The resolution is only the 1024 X 768!! The bluetooth, with the kernel 5.10, is perfectly working. With the magic Armbian-Config utility I installed the legacy kernel 4.4. I switched on that kernel and the GPU is perfect now and I am reading what I am writing. BUT: The bluetooth service is gone. Definitively! The USB ports are gone too!! There is only one usb port working now at the moment and in that port there is the keyboard that I am touching. The heatsink of the CPU is hot. With both kernel the M.2 disk is seen and runs fast. See the images below and try to look them. I tried a Majaro version of the ARM linux. The problem is the same: same issues on same kernel.
  6. Hello. Thanks for the reply. My project is create a cluster with some little SBC. I would do that using ONLY Armbian. Since this I hoped to have here the information and I hoped to write here a kind of tutorial/guida for others. I know that there are forums. In Italy there is a big Ubuntu community where I am writing. For SBC I think that Armbian Command Line is the distro I prefere. For SBC I am searching the littlest one. Expecially the Zero+ is good for connecting the cluster to internet. It has 4 cores to route packets and it has the right network chip and the antenna. I suppouse that, in this place, it should be somewhere a tutorial to build a router with SBC but I don't know where because this forum is an informations galaxy! Many thanks.
  7. Hi did someone made a SBC router with ARMBIAN? It is a little hard to find in the search engine of this forum because there are some extra link in the results. Do you know some tutorials to configura a network by command line? I don't use Network Manager. I use static IP table. Thanks.
  8. I solved this step by reading this document: CLICK Now the next step is to share the little Opi Zero Plus connection.
  9. Hello. During the Italian pandemic lockdown I am building a mini cluster with some boards that I have found in my house. I have three OrangePi and one Nanopi Fire3. I assembled them in a box and I connected them via ethernet. I connected the monitor on a OrangePi One plus. The keyboard and mouse are on a blouetooth usb key. I would like to have all Armbian (for the reasons that you all know!). I installed all SD with Armbian Images. Every SBC has the text file with fixed ip parameters. All the network files (etc/network/interface) are well written and in the local network all Armbians are pinging each other ones. I reach them via SSH and they talk with the one that has the keyboard and the monitor. Ok Allright!! The first step is the OrangePi Zero Plus that should be the internet router. It can be connected via wi-fi and I would liket o connect it to the access point that I have here. Other steps are to connect other SBC over the ethernet switch, to the OPiZero+ that is the d. gateway well configured in the network text file ( Ok let go into the problem. With the armbian-config utility (that is one of the reasons that I love Armbian) I connect the board to the access point giving the sid name and the password. It results connected and it gets the ip number from the accesspoint. I can see it into the access point too!! "ifconfig" talks about a wi-fi connection and iwconfig too. Both utilities show a connected interface but nothing is possible with that internet connection. The ping is impossible to outside., nothing, nosite is responding and no ip is responding from outside. I whould like to connect to the outside internet from other SBCs too. But it seems to be impossible. I tryed to run armbian-config again and the wi-fi results already well configured. After reboot too. It is connected! But nothing is possible. The armbian-config has another usefull utility: the resolvconf editor. Ok I inserted, in the /etc/network/interfaces, the words: auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp wpa-ssid xxxx wpa-psk xxxx But the results was that the wlan did not get the ip, and, obvious, no network outside the group. The image is in another thread here in this forum. Image
  10. Hi. I would pre-configure a board in a SBC small lan. The board is blind and I have not the cable to config it from outside, i have to config it by txt file to get it online in the lan at the startup. Firt of all I have to write the ip plan of the SBC LAN. I configured one of them (the first) in the lan by a text file called "interfaces" stored in the etc/network. The file contains there few rows: source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # Network is managed by Network manager auto lo iface lo inet loopback # Rete Lan auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask network gateway # Scheda primaria Wi-fi auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp # wpa-ssid the_name_of_the_sid # wpa-psk my_password The first board is configured and it should run with its ip. I have installed PUTTY in that board and I am ready to connect the board to the Orangepi Zero, the blind one That is on the lan. For the blind SBC Orangepi Zero i prepared the follow file. I would like to hear from you about this configuration. source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # Network is managed by Network manager auto lo iface lo inet loopback # Rete Lan auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address netmask network gateway # Scheda primaria Wi-fi auto wlan0 iface wlan0 inet dhcp wpa-ssid the_name_of_the_sid wpa-psk my_password I expect that the lan in the boot moment wil be populated by the first SBC with lan ip and the blind OrangepiZero with I expect that the blind board will do the normal Armbian boot process. I will start putty from the 11 to connect it to the 10 one. Is it right? I am not interested in DHCP because the ZERO SBC will share its wi-fi connection with others. Many thanks!!
  11. Hi. I am trying to start an Armbian flashed image. It is the main on the download page (both Buster and Focal). The Fire3 is lighing the red led and the green one but the screen is frozen on the U-boot first row as shown in the image attached here. Nothing appens. I burned the image with BalenaEtcher and Unetbootin. In both cases all the two images in the download page of the Fire3 are showing the same row at boot time. The images provided by the FriendlyElec website are working normally so there is not, for me, an hardware issue. I am building a SBC rack and I would like to install Armbian for all the boards. Thanks and sorry if I duplicete the thread but here is not easy to find what I search for.
  12. Hi friends. It is not needed anymore. Infact after the first boot I found the CLI version directly!! It is beautifull. By the command: sudo armbian-config, I made the job!!! I installed the wi-fi settings, the italian keyboard and go!!! I don't need desktop software because I would try to create a Cluster over the Armbian layer on four SBC connected in a box!! Thanks! I love thus way to do: CLI and then if needed Desktop!!!!
  13. Ah, sorry. I am a linux user I don't use windows. My son does for games only. So I read that I can start the pratice to leard how create SD card with Armbian by myself? Ok? With my LinuxMint. Ok? I don't need VM. And I will do for the next CLUSTER. Thanks Igor.
  14. Hi. I searched for a topic to talk about it in. There is a good documentation about the self building Armbian. But I am a novice and I do not understand some recommandations. In the must things there is a reccomandation: "running natively on a dedicated PC or a server (not recommended)". I think that: the builder is an application that produces a SD image to burn in a card. For this reason I think to install the compiler to produce an image for each my SBcomputers. I normally use virtualBox, but I don't understand why I have to build up images in a VM.
  15. That's great! Thanks. I will start to learn it by the link that you provided to me.
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