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The board was up and running when suddenly I could not access the share anymore. I went near it and I was hearing some HDD clicking.

I rebooted it from the console and when it came on, no storage was available. I could see some /dev/sd* but one HDD was missing from it and the lvm was not available anymore. Also all the HDDs where clicking and I was hearing a loud buzzing sound from the board.

I rebooted it again, measured the PSU and even load tested it and it is fine, the same for the moled connectors, it was measuring 12V and 5V, but the truth was, the HDDs this time were not even detected.

Took it all apart and booted it without any HDD connected and surprise, it no longer boots. It's missing now the 5V from the molex.

What is the reference for the small IC responsible for creating the 5V for the HDDs? does it has any impact in the board booting? or was the CPU board killed somehow in the process?


I measured the two coils near the CPU module and i see there 5V and 3.3V


I tested all the HDDs in a pc bbefore measuring voltages, and all of them are fine.


Thank you.



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Similar issue here. 


Suddenly no connection, I took all apart.


I connected the board to the power with no fan and no HD:

- the Power indicator green led (LED 8) and

- the ethernet port yellow led are blinking,

- with a clicking sound.

All of them at a same time, a little bit more than 1 Hz.


No serial connection.


Molex has no 12V and 5V is floating between 0 and 2V.


I already tried pushing and holding the reset button with power stable and power rising, nothing.


Fun thing when I disconnect the power the clicking and blinking will slowly fade away.


I think she's gone.

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Never mind ... it was the PSU!


I took it apart and there was that magic smoke smell ... all the three output capacitors where popped and dried.

I've replaced them and now the Helios4 is booting up again.


She's alive!

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