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[Pull Request] - rockchip64: add rk3318-box tvbox board patch and configurations


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This PR adds some configuration bits for a new CSC configuration for generic rk3318 tv boxes.

rk3318 is the cheap and lost sibling of rk3328, no documentation is available and my opinion is a scrap product; nonetheless it has the same features and has been apparently sold only to tv box manufacturers.

The provided device tree is generic enough to work with rk3328 tv boxes too. A set of patches that introduce several device tree overlays is provided, so users can enable the overlays at runtime as needed manually or with the help of a simple script (rk3318-config) that does some autodection.

What is the purpose of this? The purpose of this CSC is to give to rk3318 forum folks a way to upgrade the kernel safely. Images will be compiled and provided by myself manually on the forum as it as always been, but people can do apt update && apt upgrade safely without breaking their installed systems.

Does this interfere with other boards? It should not, the only possibile clashing are the device tree overlays: they will be available for all rockchip64 boards, thus they will appear in armbian-config when users want to enable them. Nonetheless they have rk3318-box- prefix to distinguish the board they are suited for.

I tried to follow the existing good practice rules for the patches, so they should fit into existing directories without creating more entropy, but any suggestion is welcome.

How Has This Been Tested?

  • [x] debian packages have been built for rk3318-box CSC target
  • [x] debian packages have been built for OrangePI 4 LTS (rk3399) target to verify compilation does not break for other board and families


  • [x] My code follows the style guidelines of this project
  • [x] I have performed a self-review of my own code
  • [x] I have commented my code, particularly in hard-to-understand areas
  • [x] I have made corresponding changes to the documentation
  • [x] My changes generate no new warnings
  • [x] Any dependent changes have been merged and published in downstream modules

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